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Understanding user roles

User roles are permission sets that control access to the different features within CPGOS. Each user account must be assigned a role. It specifies what a user is permitted to do and what they are prohibited from doing.

User Type:

  • Account level users: Have access to everything within your account, including all companies, child companies, and settings. 

  • Company level users: Have access to everything within a company, including child companies.



Read-only and administrator permissions are provided to both account and company level users. During the user creation process, a user with Account Administration access rights can only create new users and assign permissions.

The following table displays the user role matrix:

  Features and functions  Read - Only User Administrator 







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Job History

Job name

TTE name
Run ID
Run date and time
Completed date and time
Job status
Job run type
Download Content








Manage your jobs

Create and run X
Schedule X

New Job


Saved Jobs:

Job Name X
TTE Name X
Date Created X
Job Status X
Job Details X
Run Job X
Trash (Delete) X






Saved transaction tax exports:    
TTE Name X
Date Created X
Download TTE link X
Edit button X
Trash (Delete) X






Notification Options

Add notification option X

Saved notification options:

Notification option name X
Notification recipients X
Date created X
Edit button X
Trash (Delete) X







Delivery Options

Add delivery option


Saved delivery options:

Delivery option name X
Output structure X
Delivery method X
Email X
Date created X
Edit button X
Trash (Delete) X
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