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TTE Reference Guide

Avalara Content Generation for Point of Sale (CGPOS) delivers up-to-date tax content for your POS system, helping you manage offline tax calculation at brick-and-mortar locations. CGPOS provides content relevant to your business, either in Avalara’s standard tax content file or transformed into your POS system’s native format, replacing manual compliance and data transformation processes. Based on your settings, the tax content file accounts for sales tax holidays, multiple locations, and more.

Avalara's standard, called a Transaction Tax Export (TTE) file, is based on the latest National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail Technologies Standards (ARTS) division Transaction Tax schema and multiple variations of native tax calculation schemas from POS and other systems.

This tax file provides content related to several areas: entity, physical locations, nexus locations, tax classifications, discounts, and exemptions. The related results include rates, amounts, tax types, calculation structures (min/max, tier, bracket, compound), holiday indicators, and more.




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The information in this guide is subject to change based on the latest upcoming updates for future releases.

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