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Create a basic U.S. company profile for CGPOS

Tell us about your business. We use your company profile to generate tax content for where and what you sell.

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Generating tax content for a business in Canada? There's a separate topic for setting up a Canadian company in AvaTax. 

See Create a Canadian AvaTax company profile for CGPOS

Before you begin

Gather the information you need to set up a company, including:

  • Legal company name
    The name your company uses on legal documents.
  • Taxpayer ID Number
    Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is created by the IRS. Call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line if you don't know your ID or have other questions about your company's Taxpayer ID Number.
  • Business ID Number
    If you do business outside the U.S., you need a Business ID (BIN) number. This number is created by the governments in the countries where your business operates.
  • Your company's primary address
    The physical address for your company's headquarters or main location.

You can find most of these items in your company's tax returns and business registration documents.


  1. Sign in to Avalara for the first time, if you haven't already.
    The first time you sign in, we ask you to accept Avalara's Terms and Conditions.
    1. Check your email for the confirmation Avalara sent you when you signed up for your account.
    2. Sign in to your account using the username and link in your confirmation email.
    3. Follow the prompts to create a new password.
  2. The first step of Avalara's guided onboarding menu details the information that you'll need to complete your profile. Select Get Started.
  3. Enter your company name and phone number. Enter your Taxpayer ID, and then select Next
    If you have more than one company, begin with the parent company. You can add the other companies later.   
  4. Tell us where your business is located.
    1. Enter your primary business address including the street address, city, state or territory, and ZIP or postal code. This should be a place where you're registered to collect tax.
    2. Select Validate address.
    3. Compare the address you entered against the validated address.
    4. Select Use validated address to accept the changes or select Keep original address to use the address you entered.
      We recommend using the validated address for the most accurate tax calculations.
    5. Select Next.
  5. Confirm the primary location where you're registered to collect and pay tax.
    After you validate your company's primary address, we add that address to the list of places where you're registered to collect and pay tax.
    1. Double-check that the jurisdictions are correct for your business under Is this everywhere you need to collect sales and use tax
    2. If your company isn't registered anywhere else in the U.S., select Done with sales and use tax (or Next for companies based outside the U.S.).
    3. To add places where you're registered to collect and pay tax, select Add U.S. states and territories.
  6. Add additional places based on a business address or by selecting them from a list.
    1. To add additional places based on an address:
      1. Enter a business address and select Validate.
      2. Check the validated address against the one you entered and select Find Authorities.
      3. Choose the jurisdictions your company is registered in, if you have the option.
      4. If the address is an office, warehouse, or sales location, select Create a Company Location From This Address.
    2. To select additional places from a list: Select the U.S. states or territories where your company is registered to collect and pay tax.
  7. Select Add Selected Regions.
    Tip icon Adding countries outside the U.S. isn't necessary for using CGPOS to generate US-based tax content. You can skip this step if you don't do business abroad by clicking I don't need to add VAT/GST jurisdictions or Done with tax jurisdictions.
  8. Select Activate Company. After your company has been activated, the AvaTax Home page appears.
  9. Add products and tax groups to your profile.
    1. Go to Settings > What You Sell.
    2. Item codes mapped to tax codes within AvaTax can be created as actual items or to serve as a placeholder for groups of items, called tax groups in the CGPOS application. We recommend setting up item codes as tax groups (Carbonated Soft Drinks, Clothing, and so on) and mapping them to Avalara tax codes when preparing to receive tax content for your POS system.
    3. See Import and map items to tax codes for instructions.

Once the above information has been added to your company profile, you're ready to build your first transaction tax export file in CGPOS.

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