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Set up Avalara Consumer Use

Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Self-assess consumer use tax in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward confirmed transactions to your company in AvaTax.

Welcome to Avalara Consumer Use

Setting up Avalara Consumer Use to self-assess consumer use tax for your business involves six essential milestones. Each milestone links to detailed step-by-step instructions to help you successfully complete each one.

How Avalara Consumer Use works 

Tip icon We recommend contacting your implementation specialist or the Avalara Customer Center to set up your account.

Before you begin

Set up AvaTax.
Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax, so make sure you've set up AvaTax.


  1. Change auto-save and auto-populate settings in Avalara Consumer Use
    Two important settings control when transaction values are automatically saved or added to empty fields.
  2. Set up default company values before importing transactions
    Before you begin importing real transaction data, use automatic processing rules to assign company defaults for a variety of fields, including vendor, cost center, location, and purpose. 
  3. Create transaction processing rules
    Automatically change, confirm, or categorize transactions based on specific criteria.
  4. Add transactions to Avalara Consumer Use
    1. Import consumer use transactions
      Add your consumer use transactions to a spreadsheet and upload it. Troubleshoot import errors when they occur, or review your import history.
    2. Optional: Upload a custom import template
      Use your business application's data export format to create a custom import template in Avalara Consumer Use.
  5. Manage consumer use transactions
    Process and allocate consumer use transactions so they can be confirmed and forwarded to AvaTax.
  6. Export consumer use transactions
    Filter transactions and customize columns to for uploading to your business applications.


View FAQs for Avalara Consumer Use
Answers to common questions and help for troubleshooting scenarios.



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