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Manage vendors in Avalara Consumer Use

Maintain your vendors in Avalara Consumer Use so that it is easier to organize and allocate transactions. Find, add, remove, import vendors, or change which vendors are visible when reviewing Avalara Consumer Use transactions.


Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Adjust transactions in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward them to your AvaTax company to manage reports and returns.

The following list provides a series of actions that you can perform on your vendors.


In Avalara Consumer Use, go to Settings > Data curation > Vendors > Go to settings.

Add a vendor

  1. Click Add a vendor to create a new vendor and enter the following information:
    • Vendor code
      A unique code to identify this vendor in your transactions.
    • Vendor name
      Your vendor's business name.
  2. Provide the default transaction values:
    • WHEN The vendor code is: A default value is displayed based on the selection of vendor code. You can not edit this field value.
    • THEN If the shipping location (ship-from-location or ship-to-location ) is empty, you can either select an existing location code from Use this location code list or enter  your complete address in Use this address. If you are providing an address, click Validate address to confirm the address information.
  3. If you do not have any value in cost center, item code, or exemption certificate, you can select them from the respective drop down lists.
  4. Based on the choice of your allocation, select a value from Use this allocation set on transactions with this vendor list.
  5. Select the Vendor Status as:
    • Confirm transaction lines that include this trusted vendor: Select this option if the vendor is trusted and you can rely on accurate transaction or allocation amount.
    • Remind me to review the transactions that includes this untrusted vendor: Select this option if the vendor is untrusted and you want us to remind you to review your transactions.

        The new vendor is added to the list of saved vendors. To view vendor details, select the vendor and then click Details.

Edit a vendor

  1. To edit vendor details, select the vendor and then click Details. Or, click Edit from the Vendor Defaults window.
  2. Make the required updates and click Save.


Vendor code can not be updated.

Delete a vendor

  1. Click the Delete (trash) icon on Manage your vendors screen to delete a vendor. Optionally, you can also delete a vendor from Vendor details screen.
  2. In the confirmation message that appears, select Yes, I'm sure to confirm the deletion.

Import a vendor

  1. Click Import vendors from manage your vendors screen.
  2. Click Choose file to select a file from your computer to import or drag and drop the import template file to the area in the center of the page.
  3. Click Back to vendors to navigate back to the Manage your vendors screen.

View vendor history

  1. Click Import history tab from manage your vendors screen to view previous imports. 
  2. Click Download source to download the respective file.
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