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Keep Avalara Consumer Use up to date

This article applies to:Avalara Consumer Use


Here's an overview of common tasks to accurately maintain the Avalara Consumer Use application.

Common tasks

What you might want to do

Related topics

Understand the basics of Avalara Consumer Use
  • Learn how Avalara Consumer Use works.
Manage vendors
  • Add new vendors, modify existing vendors, or mark vendors as trusted.
Manage your transactions
  • Import transactions using the transaction import toolkit.
  • Review and manage transactions, and allocate finalized transactions to AvaTax.
  • Download transaction reports to reconcile transactions.
View and edit allocations
  • Use the Allocate icon to view and edit allocations.
Update Transaction processing settings
  • Enable or disable data import settings. Avalara Consumer Use saves imported data values for use in automatic processing rules. Saved values can then be applied to empty transaction fields.
Create or edit transaction processing rules
  • Use processing rules to automatically change or categorize transactions as they're imported.
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