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Change autosave and autopopulate settings in Avalara Consumer Use

This article applies to:Avalara Consumer Use

Avalara Consumer Use saves imported data values for use in automatic processing rules. Saved values can then be applied to empty transaction fields. This feature is controlled by two settings.

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Avalara Consumer Use is an add-on for AvaTax. Adjust transactions in Avalara Consumer Use and then forward them to your AvaTax company to manage reports and returns.



  1. In Avalara Consumer Use, go to Settings > Transaction Processing.
  2. From Avatax transaction settings, do the following:
    • Select AvaTax doc status for transactions sent from Avalara Consumer Use as Committed or Saved- Uncommitted.
    • Select the last day of review period from the list. The transactions sent to AvaTax before the selected day of the month are assigned to the prior month for returns reporting.
  3. From Import Settings, use the checkboxes to enable or disable the data import settings:
    • Automatically add new data values found in transaction import records to list fields for use in filtering and transaction editing:
      Save data values from your import file and make them available in Settings or transaction filters.
      Tip icon This setting can be used to quickly set up a company. For example, use the transaction import file to import company defaults in bulk, then delete the transactions.
      • Enable this option if you plan to import information such as your vendors and cost centers.
        For example, after importing a transaction with a vendor and cost center, the vendor and cost center values can be found at Settings > Manage vendors and Settings > Manage cost centers.
      • Disable this option if you don't want to save information such as your vendors and cost centers to Avalara Consumer Use, or if you plan to add them individually.
    • Upon transaction import, populate empty fields based on default values set for vendors, items, and etc.: 
      Populate empty fields based on default values in Settings.
      • Enable this option if you want to set defaults for recurring transaction types, such as setting a default cost center, item code, and location for a specific vendor.
        For example, you can set a default cost center for a vendor by editing the vendor details in Settings > Manage Vendors. After doing this, you just need to provide the vendor code in the transaction import file and Avalara Consumer Use automatically uses the default cost center (unless you specify a different cost center in the transaction import file).
      • Disable this option if you prefer to provide the cost center, location information, purpose, etc. every time you import transactions. If you leave a field empty in the import template, it remains empty after the transaction is imported.
    • Select Truncate long values during import to limit the values.
  4. From User interface settings, select Allow accrued transactions to be edited to enable update in accrued transactions.
  5. Your account code, company code, and service URL can't be edited.
  6. From Integration with AvaTax, use the checkboxes to disable tax calculation services or remove the ability to commit transactions. You can fetch companies to view them in the switch company options.
  7. Avalara does not recommend modifying these settings unless otherwise instructed to do so by your implementation consultant.
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