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Update where you collect and pay tax

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

As your company grows and changes, the places where you need to collect and pay tax might change too. Add new jurisdictions or local authorities or set an expiration date for an old jurisdiction. Keep the places where you're registered to pay tax up to date to keep your calculations accurate.

If you're not sure if you should register somewhere, check out our resources on tax registration and speak with your tax professional.


  1. In AvaTax Update, go to Settings > Where You Collect Tax.
    • To add a new place in the U.S., click Add to Where You Collect Sales and Use Tax.
    • To add a new place outside the U.S., click VAT or GST > Add a Country Where You Collect VAT / GST.
  2. To make changes to a specific location, click Details next to the location name.
    • To update the tax type for a location, choose a tax type from the drop-down list on the next page.
    • To add a local authority for a location, click either Add Collection Authorities by Address or Add Collection Authorities by Picking from a List.
    • To remove a location, click the pencil icon and change the expiration date.
  3. Click Done with... to save your changes.
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