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Test with the Tax Calculator

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

You'll find the tax calculator at Transactions > Tax Calculator. Use the tax calculator in AvaTax Update to:

  • Find tax rates. The calculator gives you results using the same calculations as when AvaTax Update processes a transaction. These are based on your unique tax profile and any custom rules you've set up. 
  • Validate addresses. Checking the addresses you use for yourself and your customers helps ensure accurate tax calculation. Validating customer addresses also helps make sure you're shipping your products to the right place.
  • Test tax scenarios, such as custom tax codes and tax rules, to see what happens before making changes. This is useful if you're:
    • Considering changes to your business.
    • Researching how tax codes and rules might affect your bottom line.
    • Exploring how changing the variables involved in your taxes will change the taxes themselves.

    You can also backdate test scenarios to see a historic rate (based on the actual state of where you collected tax, your tax rules, and rates on that date).

To make more advanced tax calculations, such as tax on discounted transactions, transactions with tax included, or multiple line items, create a transaction and click Calculate button. Save the transaction as uncommitted if you want to keep the calculation around for later reference, or click Cancel to exit without saving.

Keep in mind that using the tax calculator can count toward your billable usage of AvaTax Update.

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