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Send a Test Transaction

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

AvaTax Update calculates tax on transactions based on the information it's given. For these calculations to be accurate, the information being passed to AvaTax Update needs to be accurate. To make sure your company's profile is configured correctly and that the right transaction data is being sent to AvaTax Update, send a test transaction from your accounting software to AvaTax Update. If the results of the test transaction are anything other than what you expect to see, you might've missed a configuration option or entered information incorrectly. If everything looks like you expect it to, you're ready to start calculating tax.

Test your setup

  1. Make sure that your accounting software is set up exactly how it's going to be when it's processing live transactions
    1. Enable any 3rd party add-ons or customizations you use to modify your accounting software
    2. Enable any automated workflows you use to help with sales order processing
  2. Create a test transaction in your accounting software, making sure to include everything that you might need to test
    1. Use an address in a jurisdiction where your company has registered to collect and remit tax
    2. If you have items mapped to Avalara tax codes, include one of them in the transaction
    3. Make sure shipping fees are being calculated correctly by including a freight line, like FR or FR020100
    4. If you have exempt customers, include one in the transaction
    5. If you want to use Avalara's address validation,HoverTT.png test it on a customer record in your accounting software
  3. If you set up your connector correctly, the test transaction should've been sent to AvaTax Update from your accounting software. Review the test transaction in AvaTax Update.
    1. Confirm that the transaction appears in the transaction list for the correct company
    2. Make sure the transaction's doc status is Committed
    3. Review the transaction's details to make sure they match what you put into your accounting software
      • Check addresses
      • Check document details
      • Check line item details - jurisdictions, freight, etc.
  4. Void the test transaction in your accounting software and AvaTax Update to make sure it isn't included in your reports later on

If everything in the test transaction looks like you expect it to, start using AvaTax Update on live transactions.

Troubleshoot problems

If your test transaction doesn't show up in AvaTax Update, or doesn't look like you expect it to:

  1. Check and make sure your license key and company code in AvaTax Update match the key and code in your accounting software
  2. Create another test transaction with any plugins or customizations to your accounting software turned off, to see if one of them was interfering with the connection to AvaTax Update
  3. Contact your GoLive Implementation Consultant or Avalara Support
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