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Reports in AvaTax

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Avalara has reports to help you reconcile data, file returns, and otherwise use information from your transactions. Generate reports on your transaction history at any time.

In addition to the sales tax that you collect and remit on sales invoices, your business may need to pay consumer use tax on purchase and inventory transfer invoices. Many reports are available for both sales tax and consumer use tax, and can help you reconcile and file returns for both types of tax.

The data used in reports begins updating every 30 minutes. Depending on the amount of data being processed, the time of the month, and general server performance, these updates may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours to become visible in reports. For more recent transaction activity, see Transactions under the Transactions menu.

If you want to use a report with certain criteria over and over again, save yourself some time by adding that report to your favorites.

What you want to do What reports to use

Reconcile AvaTax invoice data with your business application

Use sales-tax transaction reports or consumer-use tax reports to identify differences between AvaTax invoice data and data in your business application. Most reconciliation reports are available for both tax types.

Get the information used to fill out tax returns

Use tax return filing reports to view your sales and sellers use tax liability. If you're filing tax returns on your own, use sales and sellers use tax and consumer use tax reports to file returns for both types of tax. If you use Returns, use the Liability Worksheet Export Reports to get data for this month's return filing. Liability information helps Avalara fill out your tax returns. Most tax return reports are available for sales tax or for consumer use tax. Liability worksheet export reports are available for sales tax only.

Export transaction data for a specific time period

Use export reports to export all transaction data based on the criteria you specify. This can be helpful in cases such as audits or working with external reporting programs. Most export reports are available for sales tax or for consumer use tax. For other tax types, run the All Taxes Report. Liability worksheet reports can also be found in the export reports section.

Get information about your exempt customers

Use exemption reports to assemble a list of customers you need to request exemption certificates from.

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