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Get your license key

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

A license key establishes an ongoing connection between your business application or system and AvaTax. However, the exact requirements for connecting depend on your business application. Some need just a username and a password, while others need a username, a password, an account number, and a license key.

Before you begin

If someone else in your company is connecting your system to AvaTax Update, make sure they’ve been added to AvaTax Update as an account administrator. For more information, see add users and assign permissions


  1. If you already have your license key, skip these steps and get your integration
  2. Check for your license key in an email from Avalara. If you can't find the existing license key or need to create a new one, Go to Settings > License and API Keys.
    The Avalara Account page opens.
  3. Click Generate License Key.
    A warning displays. If this is your first time setting up AvaTax Update, you can ignore the warning.

    Tip icon

    Here's why you see the warning...

    If you use a license key to connect to other systems, generating a new one breaks the connection to those systems. To restore the connection, enter the new license key in each system.

  4. Click Yes, Generate a License Key.
    Avalara emails the license key and account information to account administrators. There is one license key for all systems associated with your account.
  5. Download, print, copy and paste, or write down your license key and keep it for future reference.
    For security reasons, we don't keep copies of license keys. You may need your license key when you update or add other business systems.
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