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Create a basic company profile

This article applies to:AvaTax

A AvaTax company profile includes the key information about your business that determines how tax is calculated.

  • Where you collect and pay tax
  • Products and services you sell and where you sell them
  • Customers you exempt from tax, if any

The information we need varies depending on the product you're setting up. To help make sure your profile is complete, we guide you through the first three steps of the onboarding experience.

Tip icon If your business has more than one company, you can create an additional company profile at any time. Go to Settings > Manage Companies and then select Add a Company to get started.

Before you begin


  1. Add your company information.
    Begin by entering your address and tax ID numbers.
  2. Tell us where you collect and pay tax.
    Enter the states, local jurisdictions, and countries where you're registered to collect and pay tax.
  3. Verify your jurisdictions and activate your company.
    Double-check that we know everywhere you collect and pay tax. Confirm the tax types, effective date for each jurisdiction, and tax ID numbers.
  4. Add other company locations for location-based filing.
    Add other company locations if you need to file returns based on location reporting requirements.  
  5. Add a marketplace to your company profile.
    If you don't use an extractor and you sell through a marketplace such as Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay, learn how to add it to your company profile. 
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