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Change company details

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

When you start using AvaTax Update, you enter details about your company. If your business changes, edit your company details in AvaTax Update. Edit a company to change values for things like the name of a company, whether a company inherits its tax profile, and more.


  1. In AvaTax Update, go to Settings > Company Locations and Marketplaces.
  2. On the Company Locations page, click Details next to the company for which you want to edit details.
    • Company name - The company name identifies the company in AvaTax Update. It should be unique and match the name in your accounting software.
    • Company code - Your accounting software uses a company code to identify itself to AvaTax Update. Editing the company code here may break that connection unless you also update it in your accounting software. Before making any changes, look up how your accounting software handles company codes.
    • Taxpayer ID Number (EIN) - The taxpayer ID or Employer Identification Number is a unique, nine-digit identifier assigned to U.S. companies for tax reporting purposes. This field is optional for non-U.S. companies.
    • Business Identification Number (BIN) - This is the business identification number, such as the Canadian BIN or European VAT identification number, assigned to a non-U.S. company.  It's not required.
    • Company address - Click Manage company locations to change your company address.
    • Is this a standalone company or a child company?
      • If the company has a parent company, check the box and then type the name of the parent company.
        1. Inherit the tax collection settings? The tax collection settings are the collection of jurisdictions, tax codes, tax rules, and items that define the taxing policy of a company.
          • Check the box to allow the child company to inherit the tax collection settings from its parent company. Leaving the box unchecked allows the child company to create and maintain tax collection settings independent of its parent company.
        2. Does this company file returns on its own? A separate reporting entity is a company that reports and files its transaction history independent from any parent company or child company with which it’s associated.
          • Check the box to allow the child company to maintain its transaction history independent of its parent company. Leaving the box unchecked allows the child company to combine its transaction history with its parent company for reporting and tax return purposes.
    • Set company as the default company? AvaTax Update requires one company to be the default company. AvaTax Update uses the company code of the default company to process transactions received from your accounting software without a company code.
    • Do you want this company to be active? The company status determines whether AvaTax Update processes transactions or a company.
      • Choose Active to allow AvaTax Update to process transactions for this company.
      • Choose Test to allow AvaTax Update to process transactions for this company for testing purposes. A test company doesn't generate returns or tax notices.
      • Choose Inactive to prevent AvaTax Update from processing transactions for this company.
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