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Calculate freight tax using Avalara tax codes

This article applies to:AvaTax

AvaTax includes tax codes specifically made to track freight tax and handling. Set up Avalara tax codes to track and calculate freight tax on your products.


  1. Decide which freight code works best for your product.
    1. Go to the Avalara tax codes page and select Freight.
    2. Choose the code that works best for your business and products.
  2. Decide where to map your freight charges to the tax code you selected.
  3. Select Settings > What You Sell.
  4. Select Add an Item.
  5. Enter the item code that you use for freight in your business application along with a description.

    The item code must match the name or code you use in your business application to map correctly. 

  6. Enter the Avalara tax code you selected earlier.
  7. Select Save.

Now that your freight charges are mapped to an Avalara tax code, tax is automatically calculated whenever AvaTax sees a freight charge matching the one you mapped. We keep the rates up to date for each jurisdiction so you don't have to. 

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