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Bulk edit items and product information for tariff code classification

This article applies to:AvaTax

Reimport your product catalog file if you need to update product information in bulk before requesting tariff code assignment from AvaTax.

Before you begin

  • This topic assume that you have already imported items once before
  • Your new import file will overwrite product information for any items that already exist in AvaTax


  1. In AvaTax, go to Settings > What You Sell.
  2. Select Import Items.
  3. Select the Tariff Code Template and then download a template file in .csv or .xlsx format.
    • Download the Example File to view required, recommended, and conditional fields
  4. Create the new import file using the Google product catalog guidelines.
    • To save time, consider exporting your items, updating the necessary fields, and then adding the information to an import template.



      Do not rename, reorder, or remove columns in the template file.

      Your import file will overwrite product information for any items that already exist in AvaTax. Do not leave fields blank if those fields have information in AvaTax, as those fields will be overwritten with an empty or updated value from your import file.

  5. On the Import Items page in AvaTax, drag and drop or upload your file.

After the file uploads, AvaTax displays the updated information about your items on the What You Sell page.

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