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AvaTax sandbox accounts

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When you need to make changes to your company profile or business application configuration, consider testing the changes in a sandbox AvaTax account before making the changes in your production account. Sandbox accounts require a subscription separate from your production account subscription. Contact your account manager if you'd like to purchase a new sandbox account or extend your subscription to an existing sandbox account.

AvaTax sandbox accounts are used for testing changes, such as when you make a change to your company profile or when you're implementing a new business application. Your production account is used for tax calculation and compliance reporting for your live financial data, so you may not want to make configuration changes without testing them first. 

Sandbox accounts are totally separate from production accounts, so you can test changes in your sandbox without impacting the transaction workflow in your production account. When you confirm that the configuration changes are working as you expect, you can make the same changes in your production account.

  • If your configuration is simple, you may not need to purchase a sandbox account. However, you can purchase a short-term subscription if you'd like to test your setup when you first implement AvaTax.
  • If your configuration is more complex, you may want to purchase a longer-term subscription so you can test regularly. This is generally a good option if you're developing your own software to integrate with AvaTax or if you make frequent changes to your company profile.

Access your sandbox account 

To log in to your AvaTax sandbox account, go to When you connect your business application to your AvaTax sandbox account, you may need one of the following URLs:

AvaTax Connection Type Sandbox URL

If you're not sure which URL to use, find the user guide for your business application or contact your Solution Development Partner. 

Frequently asked questions

Are the credentials the same for production and sandbox accounts?

No. Production and sandbox are entirely separate accounts, and the account numbers and license keys are different. You also need to set up users separately in each environment, so you could give a user access to sandbox but not to production (or vice versa).

Are company settings synchronized between my production and sandbox account?

No. Making changes to your company settings in your production account will not have any impact on your sandbox account, and vice versa. As an example, if you add a new state to the Where You Collect Tax menu in production, you would need to make that same change separately in your sandbox account.

How can I copy company settings from my sandbox to production account?

See this guide for instructions on how to have your company data copied from your sandbox account to your production account (or vice versa). 

Can I create a test company in my production account instead?

When you create a Test company in your production account, the transaction data from the test company does not impact the live financial data in the other companies but does still count toward your overall billable usage. 

The benefit of using a sandbox account instead is that transactions in your sandbox account do not have any impact on your billable usage.

Do transactions in sandbox accounts count toward billable usage?

No. Transactions from your sandbox account will not have any impact on your billable usage.

Do the transactions from my sandbox account have any impact on Managed Returns?

No. Because the sandbox account is entirely separate from your production account, the transaction data from the sandbox account will not have any impact on the returns filed via Managed Returns.

How much does a sandbox account subscription cost?

The pricing is based on several different factors. Contact your account manager to request a quote.

Can I use my sandbox account for load testing?

Please see this guide for more information on Avalara's load testing policy.

If the subscription for my sandbox account has expired, can I renew it and keep the same sandbox account?

Yes. If your existing subscription has ended and you'd like to renew, your Customer Account Manager can ensure that you keep the same sandbox account. Your existing company settings and transaction data will still be available in the sandbox account after you renew the subscription.

If you choose to purchase a new sandbox account instead of renewing your subscription for the existing account, the new account will not have any of the company settings or transaction data from the old sandbox account. See this guide for information on how to request a migration of company settings from one account to another.


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