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Add or import consumer use tax

This article applies to:AvaTax

Depending on your scenario, you may need to add a consumer use transaction or import a batch of them from your business application.

Add a consumer use tax transaction

Add consumer use transactions to AvaTax as purchase and inventory transfer invoices.

  1. Go to Transactions > Transactions and select Add Transaction.
  2. On the Document Type menu, select Purchase Invoice or Inventory Transfer Invoice. Both of these invoice types calculate consumer use tax.
  3. Enter the rest of the document details, then select Save Document Details.
  4. Add line items. How to do this depends on whether you already calculated consumer use tax:
  5. Select Calculate Tax to see the results of the tax calculation before saving the transaction
  6. Click Save to save and commit the transaction, or Save as uncommitted if you want to be able to reference the tax calculation later but don't want it included in reports and returns

Import consumer use tax transactions from your business application

When you want to add a large number of consumer use transactions to AvaTax at the same time, import them just as you would other transactions. Indicate if each transaction is a purchase invoice or inventory transfer invoice in the DocType column, and use the ProcessCode column in the import template to handle different consumer use tax scenarios.

Scenario Add a new transaction Adjust an existing transaction
You've already paid tax to the vendor and want to report underpayment to the state ProcessCode 1 ProcessCode 2
You want AvaTax to calculate the amount of tax you need to pay on a purchase or inventory transfer ProcessCode 3 ProcessCode 4
You've already calculated and accrued the tax outside of AvaTax, but want to include it on your returns and reports in AvaTax ProcessCode 5 ProcessCode 6
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