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Do I have to upgrade Avalara when I upgrade Sage 100?


You are upgrading Sage 100 (or adding a PU Product Update) and you want to know if any additional upgrade is required in the Avalara software.


Sage 100


  •  It depends on your version of Sage 100:
    • Go to the Admin Console > Home > Get Started > 3. Download Software > expand the field
    • If your new Sage 100 version and PU (Product Update) has a specific software version then you need to upgrade
      • Example: Sage 4.4 lists a specific PU
      • Changing from PU 5 to PU8 requires an Avalara upgrade
      • Changing from Sage 2013 to Sage 2014 requires an update, they are different versions
    • If your Sage 100 version does not list a specific PU (Product Updates) and you are already using that same Sage version you do not need to change versions:
      • Example: Sage 2013 does not list a specific PU
        • Changing from Sage 2013 PU 5 to Sage 2013 PU 8 does not require an Avalara upgrade