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Where can I download the AvaTax Software?


You're upgrading your ERP soon and want to know where to download the most recent AvaTax integration.




  • Check the installation guide to confirm your connector is downloaded from the Admin Console.
  • For connectors downloaded from the Admin Console, go to Home > Get Started 3. Download and Install Your Integration Software .
    • If you aren't able to see the section GET STARTED WITH AVALARA AVATAX (where you download Integration Software), this indicates your user profile doesn't have access
      • Ask your account admin to download the software or upgrade your role to account admin.
    • If you're able to see the section, but it shows "Please contact your Avalara Solutions Partner for your AvalaraAvaTax integration software." (and your connector should be available for download in the Admin Console as indicated in the installation guide), please contact Avalara Support.
      • Avalara Support will either update your Admin Console or refer you to your Customer Account Manager (CAM) if purchase is needed.

Next steps

For more information, read download your integration. To learn how install your integration, read find your AvaTax integration to find install instructions specific to your accounting system.