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Netsuite Basic - wants to be shown how to only pass TX and AZ transactions to AvaTax - NO OTHERS


The issue is customer has noticed that every transaction in NS is coming over to the admin console. She only wants AZ and TX transactions to come over to the admin console.    


The environment is Netsuite Basic


The resolution is...

A quick recap of our conversation from this morning:


1. We changed the pulldown menu from Customer Internal ID to Customer Name. This changed the customer code coming over into the admin console from the ID to the customer name.


2. We changed the Origination Address in the Avatax Configuration page to reflect the Oregon address.


3. The Document Code (DocCode) in the admin console is related to the Internal Document ID in Netsuite. I discussed this issue with my associate, Ryan, he said that there is not a way to map that from Netsuite to the admin console. Your netsuite specialist should be able to expose the field on your pages, so you can see it.


4. When doing your imports, Tax Item field should be set to:

            EXEMPT - if you do not want the invoice to come over to the admin console

            AVATAX - for every customer where you want to calculate tax.


            Note: this should simplify things for you. 


5. The Taxable checkbox on the header level pertains to the customer. If it is checked, then the customer will have tax calculated. If it is unchecked, it will also have tax calculated, but in the admin console, the exempt field will be filled in as 'EXEMPT'.


Because you are still testing mode, please test these settings.


The cause is configuration settings need to be described.

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