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Where can I see the prepayments I have made on returns?


I would like to see the monthly prepayments Avalara has made on my behalf for sales tax liability.


Avalara Avatax



  • Prepayments (and Prior payments) are listed in each return in the Liability Worksheet 

    • Go to Tax Returns > Liability Worksheet
    • Click > next to the state/province/country to review the entry
    • Click the numbers in blue in the Remit to Avalara column
    • In the Remit to Avalara Details window the Prior and Pre-Payment amount are shown
      • Pre-Payment is one that you want Avalara to remit in addition to what we would normally file
      • Prior Payment is one that you have already paid on your own via some other method
  •  In the Filing Archive, we also show prepayment filings (such as CA BOE 1150) in the ACH payment trace ID's

    • They are typically loaded in the Filing Archive the first week of the month following the filing, so you may not see current month payments immediately

  • Once a return is uploaded to the Filing Archive, review the return to see the amounts shown to the state.

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