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How do I rebuild my Liability Worksheet?


You are reconciling your general ledger with the Admin Console and have made some adjustments or added transactions.  Now you need to have those changes reflected in your liability worksheet in order to approve the worksheet to adjust the returns filing.


Avalara Returns


  • You may rebuild your liability worksheet until 5 pm PST on the 10th 
  • Click here to be guided through how to rebuild your worksheet in the Admin Console
  • Click Returns > Liability Worksheet > Please Select Jurisdictions for Rebuilding
    • Select the states/jurisdictions you want to rebuild
    • Click Rebuild Worksheet
  • The liability worksheet now begins the rebuild process.
  • Once it is completed, the changes you made are reflected in the amounts shown in the worksheet.

Note: Updating the liability worksheet to see a revised liability in the return is only possible before the return has been approved. If adjustments are needed after the return has been approved, you must contact Avalara Support. Adjustments can be made only until 5 pm PST on the 10th, unless an extension has been purchased.

Note: The liability worksheet can only be used and rebuilt in the Production Admin Console ( You will not be able to use the features of the Tax Returns tab in the Sandbox Admin Console (

Next steps

To learn how to manage your liability worksheet, attend the Liability Worksheet webinar.



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