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How do I add a pre-payment or prior payment to my liability worksheet?


I want to know how to add a pre-payment or prior payment to my liability worksheet.


Avalara Returns


  • In the Admin Console go to  Returns > Manage and Approve Returns
    • Click > next to the state/province/country you need to make the entry
    • Click Tax Details and Adjustments 
    • In the Amount Due to Avalara window, click Add Adjustments, and enter the Prior or Pre-Payment amount > Save
      • Pre-Payment is a payment that you need to remit in addition to your tax liability.
      • Prior Payment is a payment you have already paid on your own via some other method and need to add to your worksheet to reduce that amount due.
    • If you are unable to enter the prepayment amount, it may be because the liability worksheet has not yet been built for the period in question.
      • If you are trying to enter a prepayment for Q4 for instance, you will not be able to do so until January 1.

Note: You can only edit the prepayment and prior payment if you have not approved the return and we are not automatically calculating a prepayment for that regular filing. If the area is grayed out, so you cannot update the amount, you need to submit a case to Support to have it updated.

Next Steps

For further training in reconciling pre-payments, prior payments and other liability differences on your liability worksheet, please attend our Liability Worksheet Webinar.

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