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Get Started with Avalara Returns

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Set up Returns to automate your returns process. Gather information about your business, complete your funding Power of Attorney, and set up your filing calendar.

Gather information about your business

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When setting up Returns, take steps ahead of time to make the process as smooth, fast, and accurate as possible:

  • Assemble a list of the states and jurisdictions in which you are registered to collect and remit sales and use tax. For each jurisdiction, find your tax registration documentation and your filing credentials (such as e-file account logins).
  • Know your company information, including:
    • Your legal company name
    • Addresses for all your locations
    • Primary contact information for your tax compliance manager
    • Bank account information (including name and address of institution) for the account you want Avalara to withdraw funds from to remit your sales tax liabilities
  • Identify states where you want us to backfile for you
  • Identify states that require location-based filing and registration by consulting the forms you use to file returns and checking if they require locations to be registered with the state. If they do, add all of your locations in those jurisdictions to AvaTax. If you're not sure if a jurisdiction requires location-based filing, contact the state Department of Revenue or appropriate Taxing Authority.
  • If you need to import legacy transactions, begin that process now to prevent any filing delays
  • If your company has signed up for SST, review SST requirements
  • If you e-file your returns, check out this list of e-file registration requirements
  • If you need us to file and remit on your behalf in Canada, see collect and remit Canadian sales tax

Set up

What to do What to expect

1. Fund your tax liabilities and complete your POA

Provide Avalara permission to draw from your account to fund your tax liabilities.
2. Set up your filing calendar Tell Avalara when and where you need to file and which forms you use.

3. How to File

Know what to expect during your first filing period with Returns
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