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Understanding the Import variance report

The Import Variance report compares liability details and totals for the current tax period to prior month’s data, by jurisdiction.  The current tax period liability shown on the report is compared with the total and state-by-state detail supporting the monthly accrual.

Download the Import Variance report

  1. In the Returns for Communications Compliance Portal, go to Reports
  2. Select the year and month
  3. Select the check box to the left of the Import Variance report
  4. Select the Download Reports button

Read the Import variance report

Import Variance report.png

  1. Previous Period Tax Amount
    Taxes actually paid during the previous period differ due to early payment credits or other adjustments assessed or taken on returns. This number is sourced directly from the AvaTax for Communication tax calculation engine.
  2. Current Period Tax Amount
    This is also sourced from the AvaTax for Communication tax calculation engine and may differ from the final amounts filed.
  3. Detail Tie-out
    By jurisdiction and by tax-type, line items within this report tie to corresponding detail included in each of five Filing Authorization Requests
    (before calculation of cash discounts and other credits). Individual line items on this report also tie to corresponding detail included in the final month-end Returns List report provided by Avalara after each return deadline.
  4. Current Period Tax Amount Total
    This should tie out to the number on the Tax Invoiced and Filed Summary report.

Upon completion and documentation of these and other checks, your Tax Analyst should contact Avalara with approval to file returns. This is provided to Avalara's Compliance team via a monthly standard approval email, within 24 hours of report receipt if you do not find any exceptions or discrepancies.

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