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Add a Safe Harbor Override to AFC Manager

Add a Safe Harbor Override to AFC Manager by overriding the Federal TAM in the EZtax.cfg file.

Before you begin

Open AFC Manager.


  1. In AFC Manager, go to Help > About AFC Manager.
    Copy the path in "Application output directory".


  2. Close all running instances of AFC Manager for the logged-in user.
  3. Navigate to the "Application output directory" folder location using Windows Explorer.
  4. Edit EZTax.cfg in a text editor.
  5. Update or add a line for each type of safe harbor override needed.  For example, safeHarborVoipTamOverride originalTAM=0.649, overrideTAM=0.239
    For information about the Safe Harbor override options, see TM_00548_AFC_Configuration_Guide.
    1. Set originalTAM to the default federal percentage in the form of decimal (64.9% is 0.649).  
    2. Set overrideTAM to the decimal value determined in the traffic study (23.9% is 0.239).
    3. Verify that there is a final carriage return at the end of the file.


  6. Save EZtax.cfg and close the file.
  7. Open AFC Viewer within AFC Manager and then close AFC Manager to validate the update.


A message is added to "Application output directory"\ezv.sta:

05/08/19 10:39:57 <Info>:  Safe Harbor Overridden from 0.649000 to 0.239000 for VoIP.
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