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Avalara Help Center

Contact Avalara About Your Invoice or Payment

The Contact Us page should have most the information you need to get in touch with us. However, we know sometimes you want to make sure you're reaching out to the right contact for your concern before you send email or make a call. Use the information in this FAQ to contact Avalara about your Avalara invoice or payment.

Who is my Customer Account Manager?

Your Customer Account Manager (CAM) is here to help you as the main point of contact for your Avalara relationship and services.

See who your Customer Account Manager (CAM) is in the Admin Console, on the bottom right of the Home tab.

If your Customer Account Manager (CAM) information isn't in your Admin Console, contact Avalara Support.

Who do I speak to about my Avalara bill?

For questions about your bill from Avalara,  contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM).

How do I get in touch with Treasury?

Treasury handles funding for the remittance of tax liability to the tax jurisdictions for your Returns filing. Send requests or other correspondence for Treasury through Avalara Support.

If you want to contact them about a withdrawal, note that our Treasury department only makes withdrawals for the liability (tax) included in returns Avalara files on your behalf. To request assistance with a withdrawal, contact Avalara Support and include:

  • The name of the entity (company) we file returns for
  • The withdrawal amount (how much)
  • The date of withdrawal (when it came out of your bank)
  • Notes on the withdrawal (ACH addendum detail)
  • The additional information you need
  • Any special notes about the request​​

To update the payment for monthly withdrawals for service fees, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM).

To pay a single invoice, use your Admin Console. Find instruction in Manage Your Invoices.

To update the bank account we withdraw from (for your returns), use instructions in Fund Your Tax Liabilities to complete the steps for setting up your Funding POA authorization online. Funding POA must be submitted a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to when the new bank account should be the active funding method.

How do I contact the Avalara Accounts Receivable department?

Avalara Support can answer many accounts receivable questions. In the rare instances they can't help you, they'll create a case on your behalf and escalate it to an Accounts Receivable specialist.

How do I contact Professional Services?

Learn more about Professional Services, including how to contact them, on the Professional Services page.

Who do I contact if my Customer Account Manager (CAM) is out?

If your Customer Account Manager is out, contact Avalara Support with your question or request.

What is your mailing address?

Avalara Headquarters 
1100 2nd Ave Suite 300
Seattle WA 98101

For prompt processing, send payments to the specific address listed on your invoice. Don't send payments to the above address.

How do I contact the Sales Department?

Use this contact form or call (877) 780-4848.

Who do I contact about the order for AvaTax I recently placed?

Contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM). . If one hasn't been assigned yet, contact your sales representative for more information about where your order is in the process.

Who do I contact if I've been locked out of my Admin Console?

If there's another Account Admin user at your company, have them:

  1. Go to the Admin Console and, on the Settings tab, click Manage Users.
  2. Click your username, select Active, and then click Reset password.

If there are no other active Account Admin users at your company, contact Avalara Support using your email account on your company domain. Include the full username to be reactivated, your company signature, and your company title.