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Content Generation for Point of Sale Q&A

Find the answers to common questions about Content Generation for Point of Sales (CGPOS).

Do I need an Avalara AvaTax account for Content Generation for POS?

Yes, you need to sign up for an Avalara AvaTax account and configure your profile to use Content Generation for POS. However, you are not under any obligation to use AvaTax for your online sales tax calculations.

How does Content Generation for POS determine the data I need for my POS system?

Content Generation for POS uses information that you configure in your Avalara account, such as store locations and products sold, to inform what data needs to be pulled from the Avalara content database for your business.

Does CGPOS support jurisdiction overrides set within Avatax?

Yes, CGPOS allows jurisdiction overrides set within Avatax so that tax region ids and associated jurisdictions are reflected in the CGPOS output. For more information, refer to Create a jurisdiction override.

What happens if the business location and the zip code overrides overlap?

When there is an overlap between a business location and a zip code override, the system will prioritize the business location override.

Is it possible to override a zip code to a different business location?

The jurisdiction override for postal codes only applies to postal codes; if you want it to apply to business locations, you must use the US address overrides. For example, the zip code 98052, can only override to 98052. You can not override the zip code 98052 to 98055, or any other zip code.

Is it necessary to provide an exact match in location when overriding for a business location?

Yes, you must provide a precise address for your business locations. Overrides cannot be applied to a location that has been changed in overrides; the two locations must match exactly.

What is a TTE file?

A transaction tax export (TTE) file is Avalara’s standard for providing tax rates and rules that can be used for your POS system. For more information, see Set up your transaction tax export in CGPOS.

What is a DTT template?

The Data Transformation Toolkit (DTT) template translates TTE standard formats to an identified POS/other system formats. For more information, see DTT custom configuration template status.

Is it possible to delete an approved DTT custom configuration template?

Yes, an approved DTT template can be deleted by changing the template status to Cancelled. To delete a DTT template, you must first delete the jobs associated to that template. For more information, see DTT custom configuration template status.

Do I need to add TTE before mapping DTT templates?

Yes, you need to add the transaction tax export file before mapping tax data to your own point-of-sale (POS) system.To generate output, a set of Data Transformation Toolkit (DTT) templates and mapping overrides are used as a last-mile translation source from TTE tables to create DTT tables. For more information, refer to Map and transform transaction tax export and Set up your transaction tax export in CGPOS.

Can I enter multiple email addresses for those who should receive notifications when new content is delivered through a job?

Yes, you can add up to five recipient email addresses, each with a different name for the notification option. Fore more information, refer to Add a notification option.




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