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4/12/2022 Updated: Fuel tax suspension status

Developing suspensions of motor fuel taxes across the United States

3/1/2022 Updated: First time user sign in

Changes to new user experience to reflect updates in Avalara identity

2/18/2022 Updated: Product Codes

Mass delete alternate product codes

1/4/2022 Updated: eMail Troubleshooting


12/2/2021 UpdatedExcise Schedule Transaction ImporterReturns Excise - Import Transactions, and Import Using Schedule Transaction Importer Tool (external_application)

Made the pages simpler and more consistent with each other.

12/1/2021 Updated: Network security certificate renewal

Clarified how to choose the certificate type with the Chrome or Edge browsers.

11/30/2021 Updated: eFile Transmit Options

Clarified terms with updated verbiage.

11/6/2021 Updated: Excise User Accounts

Clarified that user account email addresses cannot be shared, with 1 exception.

11/6/2021 Updated: Releases and Holidays

Updated Holidays. Notice that Friday, Friday, December 31, 2021 is the observed date for New Year's Day, 2022.


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