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What's New in the Avalara Excise Help Center

This article applies to:Excise

11/6/2021 Updated: Excise User Accounts

Clarified that user account email addresses cannot be shared, with 1 exception.

11/6/2021 Updated: Releases and Holidays

Updated Holidays. Notice that Friday, Friday, December 31, 2021 is the observed date for New Year's Day, 2022.

10/1/2021 Updated: When a Return is removed from your subscription

Listed all possible actions.

9/23/2021 Updated: Excise Schedule Transaction Importer

Comparison of the commonly used Home page and the Database direct Schedule Transaction Importer tool.

9/13/2021 Updated: User Roles

Administrator's guide to assigning roles to users.

8/30/2021 New: Unassigned Records on Import 

Handling of unassigned import records.

8/30/2021 Updated: Releases and Holidays

Clarified supported versions for self-hosted customers only.

8/20/2021 Updated: Amend a Tax Filing and Tax Return Filing Guidelines

Added using Effective Date to determine efile version.

8/10/2021 Updated: Master Data Export and Import 

Using Master Data Push between Production and Sandbox environments.

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