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What's New in the Avalara Excise Help Center

This article applies to:Avalara Excise

Pages in the Avalara Excise Help Center that have been updated or added in the last 4 months. Click here to view topics available in WalkMe.

10/24/2019 Updated: Message Center
Simplified the description and clarified the types of messages.
10/23/2019 New page: eMail troubleshooting
Find and fix email delivery problems from Avalara Excise ( and
9/5/2019 Updated: Releases and Schedules
Added 2020 holidays
Simplified the Supported releases section.
8/28/2019 Updated: Amend A Texas Return
Increased clarity in "Create an amended sequence" by removing the second way to create an amended sequence.
8/23/2019 Updated: Releases and Schedules
The 5.37.1 Avalara Excise Platform Update was listed twice; the second one was corrected to 5.37.2.
8/21/2019 Updated: News Flash
A handful of AvaTax Excise customers need to manually download and apply SSL security certificates.
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