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When a Return is removed from your subscription

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Content last updated: 
September 17, 2021

Why a return might be removed from your subscription

  • Business changes
  • Jurisdiction changes

Business changes

If your business changes and you no longer need a return, you might consider removing it from your subscription. Your Customer Account Manager can help you decide to remove returns or not and start the change.  They will: 

We'll take care of the rest and let you know when the change has happened, usually the same day. 

Jurisdiction changes 

Minor changes are easily handled in Returns Excise. Just check that the new Taxpayer Preferences are what you want and we take care of the rest.

Replacement or large changes to a return sometimes make it necessary for us to create a new return. Examples where new returns were required are: 

  • MS, NM and OH changed from EDI to XML filing and replaced returns. 
  • WA consolidated their return forms, replacing 15 with 6 new ones. 

When jurisdiction driven changes occur, your Customer Account Manager will: 

  • Contact you with your options. 
  • Ask you to confirm the changes to your subscription agreement. 

The replaced returns will be given an obsolete date, but they won't be removed from your subscription. 

New subscriptions only include the returns in effect at the start of the subscription. If you need to file an older return or amendments and the jurisdiction allows it, be sure to tell your sales person so that they can include the obsolete return in your subscription. 

What are the effects of removing a return?

With return tax sessions created before it was removed from your subscription, there are some things you will and some things you won't be able to do. 

You will be able to 

  1. View, save or print the PDF version of the return. 
  2. Regenerate the return. 
  3. Regenerate an eFile. 
  4. Run Queries.
  5. Export transactions from the tax session.

You won't be able to 

  1. Create any new tax sessions for a removed return, including amendments
  2. Modify any transactions, Session Details, or eFile Settings.
  3. Import transactions for a removed return. Keep in mind late loads could cause problems (see Prevent potential errors, below). 

Select Not Licensed from the dropdown in Tax Filing Tax Sessions to view historical sessions for returns no longer in your subscription.

Prevent potential errors from Schedule Scenarios

(Returns Excise Pro customers do not use Schedule Scenarios.) 

Schedule Scenarios that reference a return removed from the subscription key will continue to run. If a Scenario attempts to create a new tax session will trigger an error. To prevent this, you have two choices:

Action Pro Con
Delete the Scenario Prevents errors from these Scenarios. The 'knowledge' in these Scenarios may be needed for amendments.
Obsolete the Scenario The 'knowledge' in these Scenarios is retained for historical purposes. If you import transactions that, 
  1. Match the Scenario and 
  2. Are dated between the effective and obsolete dates of the Scenario,
the Scenario will attempt to create a new tax session and generate an error in the System Activity log.
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