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Filing Period Completion

This article applies to:Avalara Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 4/8/2016. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

After you have successfully filed for a period, it is recommended that you update the status in the grid in order to show that the filing is no longer open and to prevent inadvertent changes to the filed data after you submit the file to the tax jurisdiction.

  1. A tax return can be filed only after the return has been generated.
    • The Return Generation Needed column must show a status of No.
      PRO USER0053.png
    • If a day has passed since the first return was generated, it will say Yes.
    • You may also click the Refresh icon in the grid row to re-run the tax return.  This will regenerate the return with the last entered Form Manual Entry settings.
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  2. To mark the tax return as Filed, follow these steps:
    • Click Tax Filing > Tax Sessions.
      Click on the row for the completed return.
    • Click File Tax Return.
    • Confirm today's date as the Filed Date and click Mark as Filed.  
    • You will see the message "Record Updated".
    • To close the window, in the upper right corner, click X.
  3. Once your return is filed, it will not show in the Open list of returns.  Change the grid view to All to see filed returns (refer to use grid display options for more information).  
    PRO USER0108.png
  4. If you need to edit the file later, click on the row again and click Unfile Tax Return.
    • In the Unfile Tax Return window, you can add the Reasons for unfiling.
    • Do not click Check to additionally try to unlock business accounts and locations.  Only use this option if you you have researched that it is necessary to do the unlock.
    • Click Confirm.
    • You will see the message "Tax session has been successfully unfiled".
    • To close the window, in the upper right corner, click X.
    • Mark the return as filed again when it is completed.
  5. You can also mark the eFile Submitted.Click eFiling > eFile Creation.
    • Click the data row in the grid.
    • Click Mark as Submitted.
      • The file is moved from the eFile Creation menu to eFile Submissions menu.
      • You may still generate a new file from the eFile Creation menu at any time without overwriting the file marked as submitted.
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