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Message Center

This article applies to:Avalara Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 12/1/2016. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

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The Message Center contains:

  • Release Notices for both scheduled releases and updates (as needed).
  • Alerts about issues that affect normal processing.
  • Reminders of upcoming changes, such as state mandate changes.
  • Password expiration reminders and user account changes.

The Message Center replaces email as the primary source of communications from Customer Support because it is:

  • Focused - you'll only receive message that are of interest to you.
  • Faster - messages are immediately available in your Message Center.
  • Secure - protected by the same high level of security as your transaction data.


  1. Click the Notifications icon.  The number of messages waiting is the number next to the icon.
  2. Messages will display in a pop-up screen quick view.
  3. Click a message to open it.  Messages are view only.  
    • This will also mark the message as being read.
  4. You can also launch it from the main menu.  Click Admin > Message center.

Add widget to home page

  1. Click Home.
  2. Select your personal custom dashboard.
    • If you have not set up your own dashboard yet, click here for instructions.
  3. Click Add Widgets.
  4. Select Message Center from available widgets.
  5. Click Add Widget.
    • Click the Close button after you are done selecting widgets.
  6. Click the row in the Message Center widget grid to open it.  
    • This will also mark the message as being read.

System messages

You will receive auto-generated messages from *system* to alert you when changes are made to your user account.

Hide read messages

You can change the settings to display unread messages in your widget.  You can edit display settings only in your own dashboard, not in the System Default Dashboard.

  1. Click Home.
  2. Hover the Message Center title bar and click the Settings icon.
  3. Click the dropdown for Display new messages only and select Yes.
  4. When you click the Expand Grid button, you will still see all messages, both read and unread.

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