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Common Codes

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This document applies to Enterprise and Express licenses  Content last updated 8/16/2017
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients

Common Codes are a single value that can be applied to multiple jurisdictions.  One common value can be applied to all jurisdictions, rather than having the same operation copied in the software and applied to each jurisdiction individually.  They can be used to populate dropdown lists.

  • Company 0 common codes are maintained by Avalara and cannot be edited. 
  • You can create a new custom common code for your own company.  
  • When you use custom common codes, ensure that you're not populating a jurisdiction's required field with invalid data.

Adding a common code

Copy and edit an existing record or add a new one.

  1. Click Maintenance > Common Codes.
  2. Filter the Code Type column to find the existing codes for the dropdown.
  3. Click the grid row for code type you need and then the Copy tab, or click Add new Record.
  4. Select the Country or leave it set to * to apply to all.
  5. Select the Region/State or leave it set to * to apply to all.
  6. If you are adding a new record, set the Code Type.  If you choose to copy and existing record, it is copied from that record.  This field is how the software will determine what dropdown it populates and has to contain the exact code type name.
  7. Edit or change the Common Code to name the group.
  8. Add a Custom Code if you wish.
  9. Enter a short Description for the group.
  10. Click Insert.


Example of using custom common codes

The taxpayer group is a dropdown in taxpayer preferences that lets you sort tax sessions by elements they have in common.  Here is how to add a custom code to the dropdown selections. 

  1. The taxpayer group option contains only two built-in values in the drop-down: Group 1 and Group 2.  Use this option if you need one that is more descriptive for reporting.
  2. Click Maintenance > Common Codes.
  3. Filter on the Code Type TAXPAYER_GROUP_TYPE to find the existing groups.  If you don't know the code type, filter any of the other fields to find it.  
  4. Click on  a grid row.
  5. Click Copy.
  6. Edit the common code and description as in step 10, above, and click Insert.  
  7. Click Maintenance > Taxpayer Preferences.
  8. Click on a grid row to assign a tax return to the new group.
  9. Select the new taxpayer group by its description and click Update.
    • Click the Taxpayer Group dropdown under Tax Session > Session Details on the Form Settings tab. 
      • You can assign a taxpayer group to a single return when it is generated, but this will not save it in your taxpayer preferences for subsequent returns.  
  10. Click Columns in the tax session grid to add Taxpayer Group to the grid display.  Now you can sort or filter the grid using this value.

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