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Status of Fuel Tax Suspensions


This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
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Content last updated: 6/6/2022


Status Updates on Fuel Tax Suspensions

The Avalara Content team is watching developing suspensions of motor fuel taxes across the United States. We will update tax rates as quickly as possible if and when these bills are signed into law. However, for users who need immediate rate workarounds please follow the Changing Rates Manually instructions link below.

  • Active = has passed legislation
  • Bill Rejected = no change
  • Complete = Avalara Excise has been updated
  • Inactive = no longer effective
  • Tracking = Avalara is monitoring


State / Province / Jurisdiction Status Returns Excise Updates AvaTax Updates
Alabama Tracking    
Alaska Tracking    
Alberta Complete - 4/1/2022 to 6/30/2022   Profile Group 14697
California Bill Rejected     
Connecticut Complete - 4/1/2022 to 6/30/2022   Profile Group 14697
Connecticut Complete - 4/1/2022 to 6/30/2022 DSTMF  
Florida Active - 10/1/2022 to 10/31/2022   Profile Group 14697
Georgia  Complete - 3/18/2022 to 7/14/2022 DTSAF DSTLP DSTMF DSTSF Profile Group 14697
Idaho Tracking    
Illinois Tracking    
Maine Bill Rejected     
Maryland  Complete - 3/18/2022 to 4/16/2022 DST DSTSF Profile Group 14697
Massachusetts Bill Rejected     
Michigan Tracking    
Minnesota Tracking     
Mississippi Tracking    
Missouri Tracking    
New Hampshire Tracking    
New Jersey Tracking    
New York Active - 6/1/222 to 12/31/2022   Profile Group 14697
Ohio Tracking    
Ontario Tracking    
Pennsylvania Tracking    
Rhode Island Tracking    
South Carolina Tracking    
Tennessee Tracking    
US (Federal) Tracking    
Virginia Tracking    
Washington Tracking    
West Virginia Tracking    


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