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Excise Support - Here to Help

This article applies to:Avalara Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 05/03/2017.
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Our Support process is designed for reliability in delivery, security and retention of information.  We use the support case comments to communicate. We will be notified when a new comment is added, and we will see the updated comments that you add to your case.

What's included in Support?

The Excise Customer Support Team handles:

  • Questions and issues about preparing and generating your returns from your Support Contacts.
  • Escalation of issues to Design and Engineering when needed.
  • Follow up to be sure that the suggested fix truly resolves your issue.
  • The addition of topics for this Avalara Excise Help Center.

Reporting a new issue

Each customer designates 2 Support Contacts to report issues and ask questions. If you're not sure who your Excise Support Contacts are, ask your manager. The support contacts will gather the required information to open a case.

TIP:  Send only one issue per support case.  This will ensure that each of your issues is properly addressed and nothing is overlooked.  Your case is easier to research if the support response is dedicated only to one reported issue at a time. 

Information your support contact needs

Support cases can be created only by one of your company's support contacts.  Have this information ready for your support contact:

  • Steps you did that produced an issue.
  • Exact text of error messages.  You can copy/paste it from the software.
  • Screenshots.  A picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Any other circumstances you wish to add (error happened after a PC crash, where you already looked for help, etc.)  

Create a case

Your support contact will create a case for you.

Closing a resolved case

Notify your support contact that they can mark the case as closed in the software when it's been fully resolved.  This step is critical to managing cases.

Feeling lost?

It happens sometimes.  If you are not sure in what product or on what page you were last working, the Supplemental Information automatically captured in your case submission will tell our support team.  You can also click here to find out how to get this information.

Immediately below the main menu on any Tax Filing page, you will find the company in which you are working, item A in the screenshot below.  The current tax session is item B.


Zytax 4.4 users will find this information on the top line of the program window.


How soon will my case be resolved?

Response times are based on the error classifications:




Workaround, Fix or Documented Correction

Error Correction, Upgrade and/or Documentation


Minimal Impact: Intermittent errors that do not materially affect normal operation of the Software. 7 business days 45 business days As appropriate


Degraded Operations: Errors that disable only certain nonessential functions but that do not affect the normal operation of the Software during the normal working day. 2 business days 15 business days As appropriate


Severe Impact: Errors that disable major functions from being performed and therefore affect the normal operation of the Software during the normal working day (e.g., inability to file motor fuel taxes in a taxing jurisdiction). 8 business hours or next business day 5 business days Next Upgrade *


Fatal: Errors that result in the loss of all processing capability. 4 business hours 3 business days Next Upgrade *

* If the development cycle has not already been closed for the next upgrade.


How can I escalate a case?

If you feel you are not receiving a timely response, based on the above criteria:

  • Have your case number ready.
  • Call (877) 780-4848 and ask for Excise Support escalation.

Where can I find the User Manual?

There's a Help link in the upper right corner of every Avalara Excise Platform page which can be your fastest source for answers.  You can also click here to see additional documented topics with examples on the Avalara Help Center.

Where can I get training?

Training is available for new users or anyone who needs a refresher. Please contact your Customer Account Manager for details.

When should I contact the tax jurisdiction?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when to contact the tax jurisdiction versus Avalara Support. Click here for some examples to help you on Introduction to fuel tax filing.  Remember that jurisdiction websites often have answers to frequently asked questions.

Maintenance and user responsibility

What's covered by my Maintenance fees?

We have teams of tax professionals and software engineers who keep abreast of tax laws, and apply the following updates to Avalara Returns Excise and AvaTax Excise:

  • Tax scenario updates
  • Business profile data updates
  • Content updates, including changes to rates
  • Program feature updates and improvements
  • eFile updates (Returns Excise & Government)
  • Tax return updates (Returns Excise & Government)
  • Customer Support Services

Your responsibilities

  • Any needed changes to your import data.
  • Updates to configuration and customizations that are specific to your business. *
    • Examples are: custom profiles, scenarios and data import mappers.
  • Training for new employees (see Where can I get Training?)
  • Keeping Avalara Excise Support aware of changes to your support contacts.
  • Deployed customers are responsible for maintaining their IT infrastructure to support the applications.

* Updating customized work may require specialized skills, and our Professional Services team is available to help.  Contact your Customer Account Manager to inquire about fees and work contracts.

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