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Reporting Performance Issues

This article applies to:Avalara Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 8/10/2017
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients

What performance can I expect?

Our average performance standard is 5 seconds or less to display a new page.  If pages consistently take longer than this going from page to page, we may have a performance issue.  

What is causing the slowness? 

There are three main areas where slowness can occur: 

  • Your PC, especially the web browser
  • The network
  • The servers 

We'll show you how to address these in order. If the problem seems to be the servers, we'll also show you how to provide the details we need to identify and solve the problem. 

  1. Review the Browser Troubleshooting and Support, in the Avalara Help Center at Documentation > User Topics > Navigation.
  2. Test the network by accessing other, familiar websites outside of your organization and see if they perform as they have in the past. Your IT department may have other suggestions, such as browser speed tests.

  3. If the above show normal response times, keep going to learn how to gather details and report the problem so that we can solve it.

Identify import slowness

Similar jobs running concurrently

The most commonly reported cause of import slowness is importing similar files at the same time. Here's how it happens:

  • You begin importing a large file
  • A few minutes later, a coworker begins to import the same large file, or one that goes to the same tax sessions
  • If your file is still importing, these two import jobs will attempt to the same lookups (business entities & account, locations, etc.) at the same time and compete with each other. 
  • The result is both jobs will run slowly.

If this occurs, talk with your coworkers, cancel the second job, and give the servers some time to cleanup.  

Compare the import time to a similar job

Similar import jobs have:

  • the same file type (CSV, XLSX, XML, etc.)
  • the same jurisdiction(s)
  • about the same number of records

Now find the information that can help us identify and solve the problem. 

  1. Click Admin > System Activity.
  2. Filter on import activity to find import jobs with the same file type, jurisdiction(s) and about the same number of records.
    • Review how long the import takes, and how long any one of the (usually 1,000) schedule transaction jobs takes.
    • Review how long the Last Batch job takes.
  3. If you find a large difference, save the information for a support case. 
  • Make sure your filtering includes all entries related to the job. 
  • Include a few minutes before and after the job completed.
  • At the bottom of the logs, make sure Export as Schedule Task - Excel is selected and click Export to save the logs. 
  • Compress the logs into one ZIP or 7z (7-zip) file for attachment to a support case.

If you access the Avalara Excise services from an address other than or (test), click here for additional troubleshooting specific to your setup. 

Reporting a performance issue

After you have reviewed the browser troubleshooting steps and eliminated any environmental causes, have your Avalara Excise Support Contact create a support case.  

  1. Click Admin > Support Cases and Add New Record to open a case.
  2. Select Performance as the Incident Category.
  3. Choose the Incident Subtype.  This field is not required, but it is highly recommended you make a selection.
    • Import
    • Page View 
    • Return Generation
      • If your problem is not related to any of these, please detail it in the description.
  4. Type in a Subject.  This is the high-level description that will appear in the support case.
  5. Type in the Description.  Here are items you should include:
    • Copy & paste the Company from the selector at the top of the Home or Tax Filing > Tax Sessions page.
    • The user steps leading up to the problem.
    • How long it took (approximately).
    • The date/time this happened and your time zone.
    • The username that is experiencing the problem if it is not you.
  6. Click the Create Case button at the bottom of the case to see the Attachments tab.
  7. Add your compressed (ZIP or 7z) log file to the case and an Avalara Excise Support Specialist will be notified.

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