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Avalara Returns Excise Pro User Guide

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This document applies to new users, and Excise Pro.  Content last updated 5/4/2018. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Avalara Returns Excise Pro is a web-based system that lets you enter tax return data to generate motor fuel tax returns and schedules in compliance with tax jurisdiction rules. When you have completed these steps you are ready to begin using the software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for new PRO Users doc link.jpg

Click the book icon next to the headers for how-to steps located in the Avalara Help Center (AHC) online documentation pages.
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Click the video icon next to selected steps to download a demonstration video.

The AHC main page lists other useful topics, like how to open support cases, holiday closures, how to export to pdf, and where find  'What's New' on the site.  Bookmark it for easy reference!

Setup doc link.jpg

  • Welcome  video.jpg
  • Before you start video.jpg

Prepare your schedule data  doc link.jpg

Import your schedules  doc link.jpg

  • Filling out the import template video.jpg

Generate and View, Save or Print a Tax Return  doc link.jpg

  • Return preparation video.jpg
  • Troubleshooting video.jpg

Create and send an eFile doc link.jpg

Filing period completion doc link.jpg


Additional operations to help you file

Add dashboard widgets  doc link.jpg

Each user can design their own dashboard with widgets, or personalize shortcut buttons on the Home tab.  Support cases are submitted using a dashboard widget.

Query session by schedule and/or product doc link.jpg

This lets you select only the records you want to see by a specific field value. For example, if you want to find the total gallons of a single product code on records imported, or to see a single record by bill of lading number.

  • Query session advanced options 
    • Copy records doc link.jpg

    • Mass change records doc link.jpg

    • Delete records doc link.jpg

Express view doc link.jpg

This is a fast way to query your filing history across multiple tax sessions and produce reports that can be printed. Express View is useful when preparing for an audit.

Filing an Amended Return doc link.jpg

You may be requested by the state (or other tax jurisdiction) to file an amended return to correct errors that were in your original return.  

Related documentation for new users


Tax filing checklist

Save and print this page for reference in completing your returns and filing them.

If there any changes to your company address, phone numbers, or personnel names, update before you begin filing:

  • Company information
  • Taxpayer contacts 
  • Taxpayer preferences

 avalara-check.jpgPrepare your schedule data 

____  Prepare your import file

____  Review the import file for missing information

____  Create the tax session

avalara-check.jpg Import your schedules 

____  Review tax validation if there are critical errors

____  Correct any errors

____  Repeat if necessary until the file passes validation

avalara-check.jpg Create and review your return  

____  Generate the tax return

____  Review your return and the attached schedule detail

avalara-check.jpg File your return 

____  Save and print your tax return

____  Create an eFile

____  Download and save the eFile

____  Transmit the eFile (if applicable)

____  Filing period completion

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