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Document summary and FAQs

This page will provide guidance on how to obtain and supply the required documents to complete your registration for VAT.

Please note that providing the incorrect or unclear documents can cause delays in your application for VAT.

Required documents

Passport/National ID card (both sides)

●      The document must show the full name

●      The document must show the date & place birth

●      The document must be valid for a minimum of 6 months

●      The document must show a signature

●      For US sellers a driving licence is acceptable, all of the above applies and both sides are required


Bank Letter

●      The letter must be on headed paper, either a bank statement or confirmation letter issued by the bank

●      The company Name/Sole trader’s first + last name (trading name optional) must be visible

●     The letter needs to show the IBAN+SWIFT/BIC or Account + sort code


Trade Register (please refer to the document library)

●      The Company name must be shown on the document

●      The director’s name must be shown on the document

●      The registered office address must be shown on the document

●      The document must have been issues within the last 11 months, for Italy and Spain the document must have been issued in the last 4.5 months


VAT certificate (please refer to the document library)

●      FR & IT must provide the home country VAT number

●      The VAT number must be active in VIES

●      In all other jurisdictions if the seller uploads a letter confirming that they don’t have the VAT number then this letter can be accepted


Articles of Association (Please refer to the document library)

●      Company name

●      Director’s name if stated

●      Registered office address must match with the registered office address on the TR

●      Share capital & shareholders information



UK VAT Certificates

We can no longer accept the UK VAT certificate as an EU28 VAT certificate. You must upload a VAT certificate from any of the EU27 countries.

Translation and supported languages

Documents can be provided untranslated in the following supported languages: Chinese, Dutch, Polish, German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Documents provided in these language do not need to be translated, However documents provided in other languages will need an English translation counterpart.

Spanish sole traders

Sole traders who are ES nationals can provide their ES national ID card or passport as the N.I.E. certificate

French national identity cards

All French national identity cards issued between 2 January 2004 and 31 December 2013 to adults had their period of validity automatically extended from 10 years to 15 years. This extension took place without the need for any physical amendment to the expiry date which appears on eligible cards — for example, the holder of a French national identity card issued on 1 February 2004 (when he/she was already an adult) will actually be valid until 1 February 2019 automatically without the need for any amendment to the card (even though it states on the card that it will expire on 1 February 2014).

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I already have a VAT number, but my account is showing as a new registration?

You will need to get in touch with Amazon and register as a transfer instead of a new registration.

My ID is expiring soon, or has already expired, what should I do?

You will need to renew the ID by contacting Amazon.

Can I email documents and files directly to you?

You cannot email documents direct, please upload all files via Seller Central or post them to us at....

Can you cancel my registration on my behalf?

No, we are unable to cancel on your behalf, you can do this via Seller Central.

Do I need to provide English translated copies of non-English documents?

Documents can be accepted in the following languages without the need for translation; Chinese, Dutch, Polish, German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Please supply an English translation alongside any documents which are in languages not listed above.

The registered office address on my Articles of Association does not match the registered office address on the Trade Register, what should I do?

You will need to provide an additional Articles of Association document which shows the correct address. 

What types of document can I provide as proof of ID?

The following ID types can be used; Passport or national ID card. Marriage certificate, birth  certificate, driving license, bank statement, utility bill, national health card. The same document cannot be used multiple times.

I have some questions regarding filing of my returns?

Returns related questions can be raised with Amazon via Seller Central

I am having technical difficulties while uploading my documents, can you help?

If you need help uploading your documents please contact Amazon via Seller Central

Are there restrictions on ID documents based on when they were issued?

Yes, in order for proof of ID to be accepted it needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date you submit it.

Are there restrictions trade register documents based on when they were issued?

For Spain and Italy the trade register must be dated in the last 5 months, for all other jurisdictions it must be dated in the last 11 months.

My bank letter has been rejected as it shows only the businesses trading name, what should I do?

Bank letters need to clearly show your full name or full business name, please contact the bank and ask for a letter with the full business name.

I have been told by Amazon not to send goods to the UK or my account will be deactivated, what should I do?

Please contact Amazon directly and they will be able to help you.

How do I view my billing information or learn more about costs?

Costs and billing records can be found at Amazon Seller Central.


  1. Q. The seller does not have a VAT number in the CoE but wants to register in FR & IT. What do you say to the seller?

                A. Inform the seller that the VAT certificate of the CoE is a mandatory requirement to register in FR & IT.


  1. Q. Does the seller need to post the ES POA?

               A. No, ES accepts electronic submissions

Do I need to post mt proof of attourney documents for Spain?

No, Spain accepts electronic submissions, you can submit the document here......


  1. Q. Can we accept the driving licence as the primary ID?

               A. No, except for US sellers

Can I provide a copy of my driving licence as my primary ID?

A driving licence can only be used as the primary ID for US sellers


  1. Q. Can we approve the UK VAT certificate as the EU28 VAT certificate for ES?

               A. No, we can’t accept the UK VAT certificate since Brexit. Any other EU27 VAT certificate is  acceptable.


  1. Q. Can the seller upload the CoE VAT certificate to the EU28 VAT certificate?

               A. Yes, they can


  1. Q. What bank letter does the seller need to provide?

              A. Either a bank statement (online banking) or an official bank letter


  1. Q. The seller does not have a VAT number in the CoE and wants to register in ES. What should I say to the seller?

              A. Inform the seller that ES requires a VAT certificate, so the seller needs to wait until a  registration is completed or upload any EU27 VAT certificate


  1. Q. What is the Certificate of Good Standing (full version) or the Current Appointment Report?

               A. Refer to the document library


  1. Q. Does a sole trader need to provide the AoA?

               A. No, the AoA only applies for companies


  1. Q. Does the seller need to have stock in the UK to get a UK VAT number?

A. Yes


  1. Q. A UK seller does not have a UK VAT number, how can we help?

A. The seller needs to contact HMRC as we do not register UK sellers

I am a UK seller and I do not know my UK VAT number, can you help?

You will need to contact HMRC and ask them for help finding your VAT number, we are unable to contact HMRC on your behalf.


  1. Q. The seller said that Amazon is going to deactivate the account, how can we help?

A. The seller has to contact Amazon


  1. Q. A Pakistani passport was approved without the signature, the seller was only registering in DE. Was this correct?

A. Yes, DE does not require the signature on the Passport


  1. Q. The seller is asking if he can get the reduced VAT and how can we set the VAT rate when filings are done

A. We can’t advise the seller on the reduced VAT rate, the seller needs to get in touch with a tax advisor. The seller can either send us an amazon report and or avatemplate, which they fill out based on their records. An amazon report they only need to download it from seller central and send us but avatemplate they need to fill out themselves and put all the transactions they had apart of amazon ones


  1. Q. Can we apply for the EORI number?

A. Yes, we can help the seller to apply for the EORI number once they have received the VAT number.

Can you help me apply for an EORI number?

Once you have received your VAT number we can help you apply for an EORI number, however we cannot start this process until the VAT number has been received. To start the EORI number registration process please speak with our team.


  1. Q.How long does it take to receive the EORI number?

            A.It depends when the seller receives the VAT number and country of application. ieFR-48hrs

How long will it take for my EORI number to be sent to me?

This will vary from country to country, in some countries this may only take 48 hours, in other countries it can take longer. If you are worried that your EORI number has taken too long to arrive please contact the tax authority that you have applied for, we are unable to make this contact on your behalf.