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View VAT returns by transaction

This guide describes how to view returns by transactions.

Viewing returns by transaction

  1. From the Returns page, find the VAT return that you wish to work with and click details, with the return open click View Return by transactions, this will generate a report to help with reconciliation.
  2. Use the selection button to select sales or purchases, you can also view a list of invoices that relate to fixed assets by ticking the True box.
  3. Click Apply to generate the report, this will populate the section below with report lines, you can also click on the invoice number to see more details.

In this report, each line includes the following information:

  • Who was the customer
  • Which VAT code has been applied
  • The taxable basis for this transaction
  • The boxes on the VAT return that this transaction is reported on

You can also save these reports as a .csv file for future use and further reconciliation.

Click Export current table as CSV to download a .csv file copy of this report.

Now you know how to view a return by transaction, check out the rest of our Help Centre content.

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