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Export transaction document details

This article applies to:AvaTax

You can check the list of transaction data files you have uploaded for your company in a given period and export the list of documents and their status details into a CSV file.


  1. Go to Transactions > Processed documents. The Processed documents page is displayed. 
  2. Select the company you wish to view the transaction files from the Company dropdown.
  3. Select the period when the file was uploaded in the Processed after and Processed before date selectors. 
  4. Select Apply. A list of transaction data files you have uploaded for the matching search criteria is displayed. 
  5. Select the transaction files you want to export into a CSV file by choosing the Select option corresponding to that file. 
  6. Select Export selected documents. The Document Details page is displayed. 
  7. Check if you have selected all the required files and select Save as ProcessedDocumentLog.csv to export the CSV file to your local download folder. 

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