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Registration process and timeline.

This guide will outline the process for registering for VAT using the Registrations page in Avalara Managed VAT Returns. 

This guide will also explain the registration statuses and explain what happens at each stage and what you need to do to help us complete your registrations. 

Getting registered for VAT 

Once you have confirmed with a member of our team that new registration is required, we first need to gather some information. 

After the initial details have been collected, we need to gather information in order to complete your business profile. 

To complete the profile, head to the Registrations page in Avalara Managed VAT reporting. 

On this page you will see the task area on the left, here you will find the tasks you need to complete in order to get registered. 

Click Complete your business profile to see the required steps in this task. 

Start - Completing your business profile

When you click into your profile, you will see a list of subtasks that you must complete in order to finish your profile. 

You will also see steps for each country in which you are required to provide country-specific details, for example, if you are registering in Spain and Germany, you will see additional tasks for those countries. 

As you click through the steps in completing your business profile you will see descriptive text on the right-hand side which will help you understand the information you need to provide. 

Please note that you do not need to complete everything all at once, or even in order. As you complete steps they will save and you will see the green tick mark to indicate that step is complete, this progress is saved so if you leave and come back, you can continue where you left.  

The Avalara registrations team will review the information you have provided to ensure everything is correct for your registration. We will inform you if anything needs to be redone and if the review is successful. 

Sign - Uploading your business documents

The second part of the process is to upload the required documents via the registrations page in Avalara Managed VAT Reporting. 

Click Upload your business documents to see the list of what is needed. 

On the left-hand side, you will see the list of required documents. These documents must be uploaded before we can move onto the next stage of your registration. 

Documents must be provided in the correct format, with all information clearly visible. When you select a document, any requirements will be listed on the right to help you ensure the document provided is correct. 

If a document is uploaded that cannot be accepted, you will see an error message which will help you resolve the error and get the document uploaded. 

For more information on document formats and requirements please visit this page. 

Review – Our team will review the information and prepare documents

Once you have completed your profile and uploaded all the required documents you will see that you have no open tasks to complete. 

At this stage, our team will be working to check and compile your information. Please note that one the information has been reviewed, our team will also need to prepare any required documents for your application.

Please be aware that during this time we may discover that additional information and/or documents are required, and during manual checks, we may discover problems with documents or information which we may need to double-check. 

Our team will contact you during this time if there is any additional information that is required. Please note if further information is needed, we cannot proceed with your registration until this information has been collected. 

Please note the document preparation process can take some time, and the time will depend on where you are registering and the number of required documents.

Rejected tasks

If any further information is needed you will be sent an email and will also see a task for completion on the registration page. 

Head back to Avalara Managed VAT Reporting and complete the tasks as described above. 

The process of reviewing and rejecting tasks will continue until all required tasks have been correctly completed. 

Post - Generating and completing forms

Once all the information and document gathering has been completed, and our team has reviewed all your information and confirmed that is correct the next stage is for our team to generate and complete all the required registration forms. 

During this time, our team will put together a registration pack for each country in which you are required to register.Once this is complete, a task will be created for you to sign the required documents. 

On the Registrations page, you will see tasks for the documents that need to be completed. 

Please do not print copies of the completed and scanned documents that you previously uploaded, the documents you post must be signed with a wet signature, and the signature must match the signature on the identification documents you previously provided. 

Please note that some documents require translation or notarization, we will inform you when this is the case. To read more about specific document requirements please see this link

Please post the documents to this address:

Avalara Europe LTD
Direct VAT Registrations
Trafalgar Sq

When we receive your posted documents, we will check them to ensure they have been completed correctly and will be accepted by the tax authority. 

When you mark the documents as posted the task will update to show as completed. We will run checks on the posted documents, and If the posted documents fail these checks the task to post them will be reopened and we will send you an email to confirm. 

Submit – Our team will submit your registration to the relevant tax authorities

When we have received all your signed and posted documents we will compile and send your registration pack, we will confirm when this is done, and you will not need to take any action until the registration has been processed. 

Please note that the registration process can take some time, and the time can vary from country to country. On average we advise that registration will take around twelve weeks. 

If a registration has been in progress for more than twelve weeks, we can begin to chase it up with the tax authority. 

Registration pack completed

Once the registration has been completed you will be sent your registration pack with the registration certificate and other documents. 

At this point, you are now registered for VAT and ready to start recording and filing VAT returns. 

For more on VAT please visit our Help Centre.  


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If you require help in completing the application forms, we are able to assist, for an additional fee per country.




The VAT registration process can take between two to three months depending on the individual tax authorities. Avalara is not able to influence or expedite the issuance of VAT registrations.


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