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Upload your business documents

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As part of the registration process, you must submit multiple business documents to the tax department like Trade register, Photo identification, Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association, Home country VAT certificate, and Bank account statement. You need to upload a Spain VAT certificate or France VAT certificate based on the country you want to register. Please note that the required documents may vary from country to country, and there may be additional document requirements beyond what is listed here.
You can use the Registration page in Managed VAT Reporting to submit these documents to Avalara for review and confirmation. 

Before you begin 

Ensure you have all the documents you need to upload in the allowed file format, such as .pdf, .jpeg, or .png. The maximum file size allowed is 10 MB.

Please note that you can only upload a single file per requested document, this means if your document has multiple pages, it must be combined into a single document before uploading to Avalara.


  1. Go to Registrations. The Registration page is displayed. 
  2. In the Tasks section, select Upload your business documents. The Upload your business documents pop-up window is displayed. 
  3. To update the business document, select the document type you want to upload, drag and drop the document in the Drag and Drop section. Alternately, you can select Choose file to select files from your local folder. 
  4. Upload all the documents and select Submit documents

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