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Reviewing data in the AvaTemplate

This guide will explain how to update incorrectly formatted data in the AvaTemplate.

Checking data

When you upload a completed template into Avalara Managed VAT Reporting, we run a series of checks to ensure the data is correctly formatted before filing. 

When your data fails any of these checks, we will flag that something was wrong, and send you a new copy of the data import spreadsheet. 

The new copy of the spreadsheet will include a column with error messages, guiding you to correct any problematic data and get the spreadsheet re-uploaded. 

If your returns manager has sent you a template with errors to be corrected this guide will help you get the template uploaded. 

How will I be notified of any data errors? 

Your returns manager will send you a message in the activity section of VAT Returns. 

Select a message to open it, and the checked file will be included in the message. 

Select a file to open it, please note that you need an appropriate spreadsheet application to open and edit the file. 

How do I make corrections and update my data? 

If you scroll to the right-hand side of the AvaTemplate spreadsheet, you will see the column titled Review Comments.

For each row under this heading, you will see an error message for any data that is incorrectly formatted or cannot be accepted. 

For example if the Review Comments column contains the message: The transaction date is formatted incorrectly, please update the transaction date into the following format: DD/MM/YYYY. 

We need to correct the formatting to match the format as described in Review Comment column. 

We will need to repeat this process with every row that has been flagged as containing an error or missing data. 

Once all the rows that have been marked with errors have been corrected, you will need to save your spreadsheet and head back to VAT returns. 

Navigate to the data import page and drag and drop the completed file into the import area.  

We will then run the checks against the file again, and if everything has been corrected this file will now be accepted and you will be messaged by our team to confirm the data has been processed correctly. 

If any errors are found on the template file, then the above process will be repeated until all errors are resolved


Now you know how to resolve errors in your source data templates, click here for more on templates and data imports. Or if you are still having issues with a template file, send your return manager a message via the activity page in VAT Returns. 



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