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Get to Know Avalara Returns

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

If your company already uses Returns, but you're new to using Returns, we've gathered some resources to help you learn the basic features and functionality of Returns.

Steps What's it all about What to do
1. Introduction to the Admin Console Provides an overview of every tab in the Admin Console and the tasks that you can accomplish in each tab.
2. Use the filing calendar The Returns filing calendar records the filing frequency of the tax return forms for each state that your company files. The filing calendar enables you to create and edit all the information required for us to file on your behalf and view details of each scheduled filingHoverTT.png.
3. Manage the liability worksheet The liability worksheetHoverTT.png is a monthly summary of tax activity and liability by state. The worksheet provides up-to-date financial information for review and reconciliationHoverTT.png with your accounting software.
4. Manage tax notices A tax noticeHoverTT.png is a notification from a tax jurisdiction informing a tax account holder of a requirement, adjustment, or error involving their tax account. All notices need to be sent to