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Cancel Tax on an Invoice

Cancel sales tax on an invoice in Workday.

  1. Sign in to Workday.
  2. At the top left in the Search box, type Find Customers, and then click Find Customers.
  3. In the Find Customers form, type any criteria  to find a customer and then click OK.
  4. On the Find Customers page, under Customer, click the Related Actions and Preview icon.
  5. On the Available Actions pane, click the Customer's Name.
  6. On the Customer page, click the Invoices and Payments tab.
  7. Go to Invoices and Payments tab > Invoices tab. Under Customer Invoice, click Related Actions and Preview icon, and in the Actions pane, point to Customer Invoice and then click Cancel.
  8. On the Confirm Cancel Customer Invoice Document page, click OK. The status of the invoice changes to canceled.
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