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Calculate Tax

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax for NetSuite

Calculate sales tax, consumer use tax, and VAT on a variety of transaction types in NetSuite.

  1. Calculate sales tax
    After you set up and configure AvaTax for NetSuite and set customer taxability, AvaTax for NetSuite calculates sales tax on a variety of transaction types.
  2. Recalculate sales tax on transactions
    Recalculate tax on many transactions at the same time.
  3. Calculate consumer use tax on purchase transactions
    The consumer use assessment and accrual capability in NetSuite lets you assess the consumer use tax on your purchases in real-time and accrue the applicable tax amount.
  4. Verify input VAT on purchase transactions
    For a transaction, the vendor calculated VAT details can be verified against the VAT calculated in AvaTax for NetSuite.
  5. Display the item price with tax
    It's easy to calculate an item price that totals an exact price + tax in AvaTax for NetSuite. For example, if you want the price of an item with tax to be exactly $500, simply enable Tax Included, and AvaTax calculates the tax and changes the item price to add up to a total of $500. Once you enable this feature, just click a checkbox for it on every transaction.