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Avalara Help Center

Refine Settings

 Update company information and configure additional settings after you've integrated with AvaTax.

  1. Assign customers to AvaTax
    To make sure AvaTax calculates tax for all your customers, add the AVATAX tax item to your customer records.
  2. Manage taxability of products and services
    Manage item taxability by mapping a tax code to an item in AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP. By associating your items with tax codes, you can manage item taxability by product or product category, and allow for jurisdictional subtlety in taxability.
  3. Maintain item taxability
    Maintain item taxability information in AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP by setting items to taxable or non-taxable.
  4. Map location latitude and longitude to customer
    Learn how to map location latitude and longitude to customer records.
  5. Customize shipping methods
    Customize shipping methods in AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP to set the ship-to or bill-to address for tax calculation.
  6. Add AvaTax shortcuts to the navigation pane
    Create shortcuts in the navigation pane to access commonly used windows and cards without having to use the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu and its many sub-menus
  7. Configure item for UPC
    For an item, you can choose to send the model number or the UPC (Universal Product Code) from Microsoft Dynamics GP to AvaTax.
  8. Configure reverse charge message printing
    Configure reverse chargeHoverTT.png messages in Microsoft Dynamics GP for Sales Order Transaction Entry, Invoice Entry and Receivable Transaction Entry.
  9. Check the AvaTax connector version
    AvaTax supports many versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Learn how to locate your version number.
  10. Upgrade your AvaTax version
    Follow these steps to upgrade to the latest version of AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  11. Uninstall AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    Learn how to uninstall AvaTax from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  12. Validate addresses
    Quickly validate one address or many addressesHoverTT.png at once in order to ensure that the address is formatted correctly for AvaTax to calculate tax accurately.