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Respond to a document request

This article applies to:AvaTax

Exemption requests sent from AvaTax Exemptions or CertCapture are completed using CertExpress. Requests include a secure link or a request code to copy and paste at


  1. Open the link in your document request to open CertExpress in your web browser.
    • Alternatively, copy the eight-digit request code from the email and paste it into the Enter Request Code box at
    • If you receive an error message indicating the request or account is expired, contact the sender to receive a new request
  2. Accept the terms and conditions to continue.
  3. Select Add a Document to complete a new exemption document.

    Add document.png
  4. Choose the state and exempt reason to apply to your purchase and then select Next.
    Company details 01.png
  5. Complete the required fields and then select Next.
    Company details.PNG
  6. Enter your name, title, and signature, and then select Next to complete the exemption document.

CertExpress processes your document and sends it to the requester.

About CertExpress

Sign up for a free CertExpress account and have one place to create and store compliance documents, track your documents and companies you purchase from, and manage future requests.

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