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Upload a document

This article applies to:CertCapture

Once you've added your customers or vendors to CertCapture, you'll upload the compliance documents that they've sent you. Uploading new documents for customers with documents already on file will not replace the existing document. Review the differences between active and historical certificates to learn how CertCapture uses a set of rules to determine which certificate should be active.

Before you begin

If you use CertCapture to manage multiple document types, learn how to switch between the document types. Make sure you have the correct document type selected before uploading a new document.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Manage Documents > Upload and Validate Documents.
    The Upload and Validate Documents page opens.
  2. Select Upload Document.
  3. Select Choose File.
  4. Find and select an individual file or a zipped folder containing multiple files, and then select Open.
    • To upload multiple certificates at once, group your files together in a zip file and upload the ZIP file.
    • A ZIP file within a ZIP file can't be processed.
    • Fillable PDF files can't be processed. Save these files as flat PDFs before uploading.
    • The upload file size is limited to 50 MB. CertCapture accepts the following file formats:
      • PDF files using TrueType fonts. If your PDF uses a different font type, it may not upload properly.
      • PNG
      • JPEG
      • GIF
      • TIFF
      • ZIP files containing images of any of the previous file formats.
  5. Optional: Adjust the upload options.
    • Upload File: Choose the file to upload.
    • Priority: Set the priority to move important documents to the front of the processing queue.
    • Claim Document: Choose whether to automatically assign the document to yourself. Leave this blank to send the file to the general processing queue so another user can validate it.
    • Auto-Split: Choose Yes if your file has multiple certificates and each certificate is on a single page. CertCapture automatically separates those pages into individual documents.
    • Exposure Zone: Select the jurisdiction associated with the document. If the file includes multiple files with different Exposure Zones, you can leave this option blank and set the jurisdictions when you validate the document.
    • Document Category: Select the exempt reason for the document. This can also be set when you validate the document.
  6. Select Upload. You'll receive an email when the upload is finished and your files are ready to be merged or separated.

After uploading the documents, the next step is to merge or separate them.

If you upload a file by mistake, you can delete it before merging or validating it.

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